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Idaho Digital Learning Academy (Alliance)




Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA)provides innovative education methods through digital learning, creating access and opportunity for all Idaho students and educators.  We connect Idaho students with equity, opportunity, and access through digital learning. Students who are involved in digital learning are to be self-motivated and self-guided with the help of their assigned teacher, their class supervisor(Ms. Nelson) and their ability to navigate online course they should be successful with the course. It is important that students ask for help as they complete their online learning. Go to the links below for information about classes, schedules, flyers and registration.

****In order to register for IDLA classes students must use the Fast Pass Registration found here:


You can register Summer sessions - use passcode: See Mrs. Sugden

                                      (must have IDLA contract signed by a parent before I can give out the password)


If you have taken a class through IDLA you will need your EDUID ID # which you can get from our secretary Jennifer Applegate or Mrs. Sugden.

You will need to pay for the online class if the class is taken during the regular school day. Or if you are approved by the school to take at no cost to you due to schedule conflicts. Once the class is approved by the site coordinator (Mrs. Sugden) then it will come back to you in an email to pay for the class via credit card. The cost is $75. If the class is taken over and above the 7 classes during the day or in the summer(and it is not a recovery class) it is considered an overload class and is paid for by the State of Idaho using Advanced Opportunities funding. If you are a sophomore or older you may also take a Dual Credit class and this class is also paid through Advanced Opportunities. See the Advanced Opportunities information links on this website.


*** Please see Mrs. Sugden for IDLA Fast Pass Registration Packets if you are considering taking an online class through IDLA

* I need a new IDLA Contract each semester a class is taken (completed with parent signature)

* If Advanced Opportunities Funding is used I need a Fast Forward Participation Form on file. (completed with parent Signature)


Students must register at the college in order to receive the credit through the college. please go to the links below to register:

Dual Credit University Contacts (