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Red Ribbon Week 2022-23


We had Red Ribbon Week at the Jr./ Sr. High October 24- 27 2022

We did a Top Gun Maverick theme this year because let's face it, it was a great sequel, to a classic that was long overdue. Each day we learned a little about a drug that is most popular with students and then we did trivia questions all week for prizes. 

Each year I ask patrons from our community to come in and pass out ribbons, candy and our "food for the soul" pixie that asks our students to stay away from drugs. I believe it to be very important to keep our community as committed to our students as possible. They support our students in so many avenues; sports, academics and to stay away from the drugs in our world that can hurt them. We appreciate their involvement with our students to grow and be better people. Thank you to Rose Cheff representing the Custer County Coalition, Steva an EMS driver and Sherri Kemmerer for representing Salmon River Electric Coop. the first day. Krista Koeppen from Custertel, Scott Lamb from Lamb's Food Market the second day. Chad Workman, County Coroner, Aleita Straub-Workman, Probation Officer, and more emergency medical team members were here to show their support for our students Wednesday. Chad and Aletia even brought Trick or Treat sacks to give out as well as fun Halloween trinkets. The last day we had Marla Andrews, Mental Health Counselor from the Challis Area Health Center and our Mayor, Corey Rice there to pass out items. Thank you all once again for your support to our students. This year we gave out prizes for trivia each day and we were finally able to have a speaker come in for an assembly.

Erik Strom came in to talk with our students on Wednesday. He talked to them about how he had chosen a life of drugs and alcohol at a young age. He suffered two accidents one by shattering his shoulder while drunk, racing a motorcycle and one where he was still drunk the 5th of July at work. When he was working to clear brush the chainsaw kicked back and he was cut on the neck, losing 10 of 12 units of blood normally in a human body.  He beat the odds and stayed alive and after years of drug and alcohol use and abuse he finally hit bottom and asked a higher power, in this case God, to help him and he has been sober ever since. The talk he gave was graphic, but inspirational. Erik is now a retired principal and lives with his wife in Idaho Falls, Id.. He likes to speak with adolescents and encourage them to make choices that will help their lives not hurt them. He talked about having a purpose in life and succeeding in a vocation that has deeper meaning than just being but challenging yourself to be better.

We thank him for taking the time to pour into our students here in Challis!

Erik StromSpeakerrrw dress upmovie inviteMovie Nightmovie night8th gradeAirplane Throwing Contestsophomores

freshmanmustache poster

Rred Ribbon SwagAedan and SadieRachel RRW

RRW PostersRed Ribbon Week Posters

Our Community Stakeholders passing out candySteva, Sherri and Roseemts

We had a fun week and hopefully learned about the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol and how vaping like tobacco are the gateway drugs to a life we don't want our students to get sucked into. Once again, thank you to all who helped out and to our teachers for doing trivia in their rooms and giving out prizes. Stay Drug Free Vikings!!

2021 Red Ribbon Week __________________________________________________________________________________

hoak and krista

mayor and kenScott, Marla & Sheriff Lumpkin

Our gift certificates winners for Hey Dude shoes (Thank you Murdoch's!!)!! Kayleigh Backman, Jacob Dopheide, Trace Hill, Jaiden Deschand and Chris Carr (not shown Chayten Smith)gift cert. winners

drunk drivingdrug dragshirt

This year we had a fun Red Ribbon Week ~October 25-October 28th 2021~. Students love any excuse to dress up and so we did!! 

We had Pajama Day on Monday

Cowboy/Indian day  on Tuesday

Superhero Day on Wednesday, 

and Halloween Dress up on Thursday.

 We tried to underscore the importance of embracing the adventure at our fingertips here in the 7c. Many students took home shirts if they could tell me something from the movie we watched called "The Truth About Drugs" driving home the how continual use and abuse of illegal drugs, opioids and other substances change your life toward addiction and completely screws up your life.

Many stakeholders in our community came in and gave out candy to our students. Thank you to Krista Koeppen from Custertel, Ken Dizes from Salmon River Electric Cooperative, Scott Lamb from Lambs Market, The Mayor, Mike Barrett, Marla Andrews from Challis Area Health, Aletia Straub-Workman representing the Custer County Probation and EMT's, Chad Workman, EMT and Sherriff Lumpkin. I think it says so much to our students when they see these community members who have taken time out of their day to greet students each morning.

Kathy Jones and Personal Sportswear supplied the great shirt at a great deal and Murdoch's in Salmon gave us a great deal on gift certificates for Hey Dude shoes. Thank you so much for investing in our youth here in Challis!!!

We have so many in our community that love our students and want our students to have every opportunity life can offer them, thank you to these stakeholders!!