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Some of these scholarships have not been updated because I am waiting for that entity to update or send me their new application for the year. I also put in the due dates as close to the last years due date, so that is subject to change as well. Try to be patient. 

LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS (for Seniors unless otherwise noted) (please note how to submit applications for each scholarship,* Those local scholarships with and asterisk on the left side, can also be applied for by alumni.)

*Custertel Scholarship (Deadline 03/01/2024) (Submit to Custertel by 5pm)

*Challis High School Alumni Scholarship (for students who have already graduated) (Deadline 03/07/2024) (Submit to Shawna Getty at the District Office) 

Wild Idaho Outfitters Entrepreneurship and Natural Resources Scholarship (Deadline 02/29/2024) (Submit Online)

Avenue Rental Scholarship (Deadline 02/29/2024) (Submit Online)

Challis School District #181 Senior Scholarship (Challis School District:  Prof.Technical/Challis School District Academic, Bob Williams Memorial, Jim Piva Memorial, Fran Stark Memorial, Marion Piva Memorial, Bob Plummer Memorial, Larry and Alice Ling Scholarship, Jefferey Smith Memorial, Roy Chivers Memorial, HUB General Scholarship, HUB Vocational Scholarship, Faculty Scholarship) (Deadline 03/07/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden by due date above by 4:30pm)

Frontier Foundation ( (Deadline 03/18/2024) (Send in)

Jackie Caivano Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 04/26/2024) (turn into Mrs. Sugden or submit in person at the forest service) 

*Salmon River Electric Co. Scholarship (Deadline 03/21/2024) (Submit to Ken at SREC) 

Michael Shannon Art Scholarship (Deadline 03/29/2024) (Submit to Arts Council on Main St.) (old application but please use for your proposal)

*Beta Phi Sorority Scholarship (Deadline 04/01/2024) (give to Sherry Maestas or Mrs. Sugden, on or before due date)

Challis Classy Chassis' Car Club Scholarship (Deadline 04/01/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden or Send in)

Mario D' Orazio Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 04/04/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

****FOR SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Association (ICUA Youth Rally) (Salmon River Electric Cooperative) (Deadline 04/11/2024

Tara Leaton Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 04/11/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

Scott Brower Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 04/11/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

Class of 1983 Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 04/11/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

PG (Konnex) Mining Scholarship (Deadline 04/12/24) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

*Custer Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship (Deadline 04/12/2024)(Please mail or deliver to Karma Bragg, information is on application)

Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association Scholarship (Deadline 04/20/2024)  (Send in)

White Cloud Preserve 2024 Scholarship (Deadline 04/15/2024) (Send in)

Salmon River Propane Scholarship (Deadline 04/21/2024) (Submit to SRP office)

Vern Warner and Arnold Munson 4-H Scholarship (Deadline 04/26/2024) (Submit to Sarah at the Extension office or send in to her)

*Clayton Historical Association Scholarship (Deadline 04/18/2024) (Submit to Mrs. Sugden)

Idaho Chapter Women in Mining Scholarship (Deadline 5/10/2024) (See Application to send in)

Travis Roche Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 06-07-2024) (Submit to Sarah at the Extension office or send in to her)

Tina McAffee Wojciechowski Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 06/28/2024) (Send In/waiting for new application)

Morgan McGee Scholarship (epilepsy)(Deadline 06-30-2024) (send in)

Steele-Reese Foundation (submit as per each college criteria and application) Visit the Steele Reese Foundation website for more information. Idaho Scholarships (
This scholarship is applicable to 13 western colleges for residents of Lemhi and Custer Counties.
Contact the college you are applying to for amounts and deadlines.
Amount varies depending on the University. (Lewis and Clark University in Portland, OR has not had
any applicants for some time.  That amount could be up to $21,000.)

List of colleges to contact for scholarship information:

  •  College of Idaho
  •  BYU-Idaho
  •  BYU-Provo
  • College of Southern Idaho
  • Gonzaga University – Spokane, WA
  • Idaho State University
  • Lewis and Clark College – Portland, OR
  • Montana State University – Bozeman, MT
  • Pacific Lutheran University – Tacoma, WA
  • Reed College – Portland, OR
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Montana – Missoula, MT
  • Western Montana – Dillon, MT


REGIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS (Read each scholarship carefully as to how to turn in the completed application)

American Nuclear Society Scholarships (Varies, but first deadline in 02/01/2024)

Idaho FFA Foundation Scholarship Program (Varies, but generally 02/10/2024)

Idaho Association of Counties Scholarship Fund (Deadline 02/29/2024)

Idaho Career Technical Education Foundation Inc. Scholarships (Deadlines vary) (Tools for the Trade Scholarship (April 1, 2024), Secondary and Postsecondary Merit Scholarship (FFA) (June 14, 2024), Anne Veseth Memorial Continuing Education Post Secondary Education Scholarship (April 1, 2024) Neptune Lynch IX First Year Post-Secondary Scholarship (CTE in Idaho) (April 1, 2024)

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship (Opens 10/03/23, Deadline 03/01/24) (Online)

Idaho Govenor's Cup Scholarship (Opens 10/03/23, Deadline 03/01/24) (Online)

Idaho Launch (In- Demand Careers) Scholarship) Contingent Awards offered January. March and May 2024)

IOF - Idaho Community Scholarships (Deadlines vary, check them out)

Idaho Latino Scholarship Foundation (Deadline 03/01/2024)

Great Clips Scholarship Program (Deadline 03/01/2024)

Eastern Idaho State Fair Scholarship (Deadline 03/01/2024)

CSI Agriculture Department Application (First Priority Deadline 03/15/2023, Second Priority 05/17/2024)

Horatio Alger Hispanic Scholarship (Deadline 03/15/2024)

War Bonnet Rodeo Scholarship (Deadline 03/18/2024)

Westmark Credit Union (Deadline 03/22/2024)

Idaho Cattlewoman Scholarship (Deadline 03/31/2024)

Valleywide Cooperative, Eric Beck Memorial Scholarship (Deadline 03/31/2024)

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship (Deadline 03/31/2024 by 3:00pm Central time)

Far West Agrobusiness Association Scholarship (Deadline 03/31/2023)

Idaho Farm Bureau Scholarship (Deadline 03/21/2024) (take or send into Cindy Philips at the Farm Bureau and she will send it on to the State, or Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho N Main & Hwy 93, Challis, ID 83226-0735 (only students with parents whohave this insurance may apply)

Idaho Horse Council Scholarship (Deadline 04/05/2024)

The Grand Lodge of Idaho Scholarship (Mason's)(Deadline 05/01/2024) Scholarship (Deadline 05/01/2024)

The Elk Mountain Tents Outdoors Enthusiast Scholarship (Deadline 06/30/2024)

No Sweat Scholarship (Deadline 06-28-2024) (Online)

Gavin McDonald Trade School Scholarship (year around/ no deadline)

Idaho School Counselor's Association Scholarship (see application)

College/University Specific Scholarships: (Read each scholarship carefully as to how to turn in the completed application)

Boise State University Scholarships

BYU-Idaho Scholarships (Grants)

College of Eastern Idaho Scholarships

College of Southern Idaho Scholarships

College of Western Idaho Scholarships

Cosmetology School Directory 

Idaho State University Scholarships

Lewis Clark State College Scholarships

The College of Idaho Scholarships

University of Idaho Scholarships

University of Montana Western Scholarships

Utah State University Scholarships

National Scholarship Websites (Read each scholarship carefully as to how to turn in the application)



scholarship guidance

Scholarships for College Students (

If you know of a scholarship and would like to share information with me, please do. Angela Sugden, Challis Jr./Sr. High School Counselor at or call at 208-879-2255

* Those local scholarships with and asterisk on the left side, can also be applied for by alumni.